We are always eager to have new students join the band! It will be one of the best experiences of your life! Joining the band you can count on starting your first day of high school with 60-80 familiar faces! But you can join any year of high school and you are always welcome! Some of the band benefits include:
 -Improved self confidence
 -Leadership skills
 -Improved musical ability  
 -Foster many friendships  
 -Develop a strong work ethic  
 -Improved physical fitness
 -Smooth transition into high school
 -Many other benefits...

If you have any questions about joining the band of would like more information please contact our band director, Mr. Michael Rosson at robert.rosson@wcs.edu, or our current President, Tamara Swearingen, at PHSBB.Pres@gmail.com, or any band member.