In 2017 we welcomed Mr. Michael Rosson as the new Band Director at Fred J. Page High School. Mr. Rosson is a locally grown musical leader.  He graduated from MTSU and has been involved with several of the Williamson County Bands and was Director of Bands at Spring Hill High School before taking on the same role at Page.  
    Fred J. Page won eight (8) Grand Championships in the Division II Class in Tennessee from 2004-2015. At the start of the 2016 season the high school was moved up to the Division III class. That meant the Marching Patriots (70-90 members) are now in Division III large band class which normally consists of bands at 100-200+ members strong. With the school growth that is coming in the Page High area the Marching Patriots are continuing to build their numbers to the larg
er class competition size so they'll be in good competitive scale soon.
     Mr. Rosson is still winning competitions with the Marching Patriots program each season.  When Marching season is over he then can focus on the new projects of 
Symphonic Band and Freshman Symphonic Band.  The Freshman class now have the extra year of time to build their skills before they move to the full Symphonic Band program.  Since 2017 he has turned the full Symphonic Band program into an award winning machine with two back to back Superior Ratings in Tennessee for Marching Performance, Concert Performance & Sight Reading.  Mr. Rosson is also starting a new Jazz Band Fall 2019 school semester.
    You will notice there are students that are in some Band programs and not others.  That is perfectly fine as he has offered lots of activities for students to choose how involved they want to be in all the Band programs from Symphonic music to Color Guard non-instrumental performance.  
    Mr. Rosson also teaches an AP level Music Theory class and he has created a student volunteer Leadership program with the bands Junior and Senior students.  Mr. Rosson is also working directly with the Page Middle School music teachers and students turning our program from 9-12th grade concentration to a 6-12th grade style system of teaching.
    We cannot wait to see what he does next at FJPHS and how the Band program will continue to grow.